Multi-Arm Floor Lamps

Multi-light floor lamps perform two tasks at once -- they provide ambient light for brightening the overall room and they offer focused light (in the form of an adjustable task lamp) when reading light or project work illumination is needed. These can be independently controlled handing you even more freedom in addition to the multi-arm light fixture's portability and versatility.

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Where Multi-Light Floor Lamps Work Best

Wherever your favorite reading lounge chair is located--that's where a multi-light floor lamp is meant to be. Most often that's in the living room, but this could be the reading nook or the home office as well. These types of multi-bulb floor lamps contribute to the cozy nature of these places in the home, warming them with their ambient light and making them more useful with their focused light. You'll also appreciate a multi-light floor lamp in the bedroom, where it can complement the light from an overhead ceiling light or the table lamps one either side of the bed. Whether for general, ambient light or focused task lighting, you'll find that this style of floor lamp is a great option.

A Multi-Light Floor Lamp for Every Style

This collection of multi-arm lamps is able to fit a wide variety of interior design styles. From traditional living rooms to completely updated and modern home office spaces, you'll find a multi-light floor lamp that fits your decor. Floor lamps with multiple points of light come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For a modern 5-light floor lamp, you will want to see the offering from Foscarini. And for a 3-light floor lamp, a customer favorite is the Jonathan Adler Havana Floor Lamp. The Havana Lamp by Jonathan Adler is the ideal fixture for mid-century modern or retro-inspired spaces as its style is similar to lighting from the 1950s. Finally, if you prefer an energy efficient light fixture, be sure to see the LED multi-arm floor lamps available.

How to Choose the Best Multi-Light Floor Lamp

Similar to choosing any lamp or lighting for your home, you will want to properly measure the space where you plan to place the fixture. With a multi-arm lamp, you will need to make sure your space can accommodate the fixture's adjustable arm reach. You can also review a floor lamp's sizing dimensions including its height, width, diameter and length to find the best size appropriate for your room. And be sure to see the lamp's bulb options to determine if you will need a halogen light bulb, incandescent light bulb or LED light bulb. If you have any questions about the floor lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you love the style of a multi-light floor lamp, you may like a similarly designed ceiling light in the form of a multi-light pendant. This type of pendant light has multiple light sources, much like that of a floor lamp with multiple arms. And be sure to check out our selection of reading lights for other ways to add lighting to your reading space that are mounted directly to the wall. Last but not least, if you can't find the fixture you are looking for in this assortment, be sure to browse the complete selection of modern floor lamps.

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