Rails & Rail Kits

We love monorail lighting in general for its infinite installation and decorative versatility. Offering all of the components individually allows for total customization of a monorail track lighting system, whether from scratch or adapting an existing system. To that end, Lumens carries the monorail track, connectors, end caps, stand-offs, transformers, power feeds, decorative art glass pendants and adjustable monorail heads from some of the best low voltage monorail lighting manufacturers producing today.

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Where Monorail Components Work Best

A complete monorail lighting system provides ambient light, adjustable task light or a combination of both. This makes the system ideal in modern spaces that usually require both kinds of light, especially the kitchen or living room.

Other Great Options

If you want something quick and easy, then you should take a look at monorail lighting kits from George Kovacs and Access Lighting. They already have all the components you need to create a basic contemporary monorail lighting system. And don't forget to browse track lighting systems for a similar selection of directional lighting perfect for the kitchen or living room.

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