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Is Your Home Ready for LED Lighting?

Wondering if LED technology is advanced enough to add to your home? LED technology has made giant strides in the last few years, with huge advances in quality, design and durability. Today's LEDs offer so many benefits...they're dimmable, energy efficient, silent, long lasting, and available in many light temperatures, both warm and cool. And yet — there are aspects of LEDs that still need improvement, including their sensitivity to heat, relatively low light output (brightness) and their higher initial cost.


So, are LEDs ready for your home? Yes they are—especially when used in ways that capitalize on their current strengths. Today's LEDs are ideal for:

Recessed Lighting

The technology behind LED recessed lights has advanced significantly and there are several very high quality LED systems available. LEDs make a great choice for recessed lighting especially because they are dimmable, silent, long-lasting and they turn on instantly.

3-Inch Tesla LED Open Round Trim
By WAC Lighting

3-Inch Tesla LED Open Round Trim by WAC Lighting

Z-Bar Gen 3 Desk Lamp By Koncept

Desk Lamps

Think slim, modern LED desk lights. Many modern LED task lamps are available in a "cool white" light color (more like daylight) and a "warm white" light color (more like classic incandescent bulbs). LED desk lamps usually have brightness similar to a 60-75 watt incandescent bulb, but without the heat.

Z-Bar Gen 3 Desk Lamp
by Koncept

Decorative Lighting

Creativity abounds in the world of decorative LEDs. One of the most inventive is LED candles and tealights, which glow and flicker just like the wax ones. (Some even go out when you blow on them.) Plus, there are multi-color LED bulbs designed for showcasing cabinets and bars--and even colorful LED accessories like wine coolers.

Imageo TeaLights
By Philips

Imageo TeaLights by Philips

Mini Echo by Tech Lighting

Accent Lighting

Decorative LED mini pendants over a kitchen counter offer many benefits: they're dimmable, long-lasting, cool to the touch and have a steady white glow. They usually have a low level of light output (equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent bulb), so it is important to add other lighting to the space such as flushmounts or wall sconces.

Mini Echo
By Tech Lighting

Enhanced Task Lighting

Adding LED undercabinet lighting to a kitchen can make a world of difference when you're chopping, slicing and stirring. LED button lights and LED rope lights are also quick and easy ways to add more light to spaces that really need it.

LED Flexbrite Pre-Pack LED Kit
By American Lighting

LED Flexbrite Pre-Pack LED Kit by American Lighting

Shelter Outdoor Wall Sconce By Hinkley Lighting

Hard to Reach Lights

The long life of LED lights (estimated usually at 50,000+) means that they almost never need replacing. For areas that are hard to access, high quality LED ceiling/wall lights may provide hassle-free lighting for years.

Shelter Outdoor Wall Sconce
By Hinkley Lighting