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Ten Easy Fall Decor Updates

New season, new style. Moving from summer into fall is the perfect excuse for changing things up around the house. But it doesn’t have to be a grand-scale makeover—simple changes can go a long way to freshen up a space.

Here are a few of our favorite easy home décor updates that won’t break the bank.

1. Spend a little, change a lot

Changing out lights can make a huge difference in aesthetic and light quality. Swap out a standard ceiling light for one that better fits your space for a modern update that doesn't cost a lot.

2. Perfect the porch

From trick-or-treaters to in-laws, there will be plenty of folks knocking on your door this season. Ensure a warm welcome with the right lighting, a good doormat and a clean space.

3. Swap out linens

From adding a wooly throw to the couch or changing up bedding, new textiles can add a whole new look and ensure you’re prepared for the first chilly night.

4. Layer your lighting

Not only can this make a big difference in the functionality of a space, but adding a decorative table lamp or two can provide a quick update to your décor.

5. Pay tribute to Fall colors

While it may seem obvious, earthy tones like greens, browns and oranges can warm things right up. Add or change smaller, accent pieces for a quick transformation.

6. Prepare for blackouts

Okay, this doesn’t exactly update your digs, but it’s a season necessity nonetheless. Portable, rechargeable lights like these are a staple for areas prone to having the lights go out (and are great for kid’s rooms, too).

7. Just add…fire?

If your home wasn’t equipped with a beautiful fireplace, fear not—fireplaces like this one can go in any room of the house, without leaving behind an ash or smoke trail.

8. Put things on display

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. From wine decanters to catch-alls, make functional items with visual appeal part of your décor.

9. Switch out inexpensive items

Like placemats! The tabletop is an uncomplicated way to modernize your look without going over the top.

10. Roll out the rugs

Especially for wood or tile flooring, area rugs help warm things up during colder months and provide a much-needed coziness underfoot.