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A wide selection of bulbs that are more than just functional.

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We are not just the number one stop online for modern lighting, we also offer a wide variety of light bulbs to meet any need you may have. Here you can shop for the right light bulb for your fixture by light source or by the actual type of bulb.

Shopping For Light Bulbs at Lumens

While a ceiling fan may require a certain type of bulb, you will likely not want the same kind of bulb for your living room table lamp or kitchen island lighting. When shopping for light bulbs, it is important to know where the bulb will be used to find the right bulb type, light output (lumens), base type, shape, etc. At Lumens, you will find a wide variety of light bulbs to meet every lighting application you may have with a selection including LED bulbs, halogens, standard incandescents and fluorescents.

Other Great Options

If you have an exposed bulb light fixture, you will want to see the selection of decorative light bulbs and Edison light bulbs that will really make the fixture stand out. Decorative and specialty bulbs shine bright in fixtures where the bulb is meant to be the focal point. And if you are searching for long-lasting, energy efficient bulbs, you will want to take a look at the variety of LED bulbs available.

Have questions about the different types of light bulbs, how to choose an energy efficient bulb or the meaning of lumens? We have resources to help you understand the facts behind light bulbs and help you find the perfect bulb for your fixture. Additionally, you can speak with light bulb expert anytime by calling our customer service.

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