Kids Ceiling Fans

Here's the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved in the decorating process. These ceiling fans, specifically designed with the youngsters in mind, are colorful and chalk full of personality. Many feature themes that play to the little guy's or gal's tastes, ranging from sports to princess castles, stars, jungles and simple stripes and shapes. These whimsical childrens ceiling fans help create an atmosphere where imagination can flow freely. And many of the designs have blades that can be changed out as your child grows and tastes mature.

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Where Kids Ceiling Fans Work Best

Great for the kids' bedroom, ceiling fans for kids make a nice addition to the nursery and game room as well. Their themes and colors add a ton of fun to the afternoon, creating a cooling breeze in the summer and circulating the warmer air in the winter for year-long comfort and playtime. And since these ceiling fans are specifically geared toward kids, there's something magical and lively about their presence in a space (like the kids themselves!). For the best selection of contemporary kids fans, see designs from Craftmade Fans and Hunter Fans.

Other Great Options

There's no better way to complement the creative look of the kids' ceiling fan than with unique kids toys. These fun, collectible toys are for the young and not so young alike. And many play into the ceiling fan's theme as well! You'll also want to see the similar fun designs available in the selection of kids ceiling lights - these fixtures will add that perfect whimsical touch to any room.

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