Kalco Lighting

The Kalco Lighting Story

Known for their superior quality and artisan crafted fixtures, Kalco has been a leader in the Lighting Industry for more than 30 years. With a dedication to fine materials, they are able to produce exceptional products that are offered in a wide range of styles.

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Why We Love Kalco Lighting

From classic chandeliers to more contemporary crystal pieces, Kalco stays consistent with its commitment to quality throughout every fixture they produce. With a dedicated factory in the Philippines, each fixture is unique and is created by experienced artisans. With a wide range of products offered in a myriad of styles, whether you are looking for a wall sconce, small pendant or large statement-making piece, the company’s dedication to excellence will be evident in each individual fixture.

Fun Facts About Kalco Lighting

Kalco owns its factory in the Philippines and is a pioneer of using hand forged iron sourced from the area, where it is regarded as an art form. The craftsman in the factory have been with for Kalco for over 25 years.

Noteworthy Products from Kalco Lighting

The Milo Wall Sconce and Milo Chandelier has Mid Century Modern roots and is an example of the form follows function principle rooted in 20th century industrial design.

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Kalco Lighting