Kalco Lighting

The Kalco Story

Harry Kallick started Kalco in 1983 on the principle that the the customer should be able to purchase a product and customize it by choosing the finish and glass. Years later, Las Vegas-based Kalco Lighting still operates with this DNA.

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They're made up of designers and artisans who mold each product from start to finish, the Las Vegas artisans specializing in hand-forging the metalwork while their branch in the Philippines focuses solely on harvesting, cracking, piecing together, finishing and polishing the shell and leaf shades.

Why We Love Kalco Lighting

From classic chandeliers to more contemporary wrought iron lighting, Kalco presents the same quality and handmade craftsmanship in every fixture. The range of handmade shade materials ensures that each fixture is unique and will produce a unique lighting effect. Kalco Lighting offers fixtures for both indoors and out, in a number of themes that range from Tuscan, Old World, even Art Deco.

Fun Facts About Kalco

One of Kalco's shades is layered with the Buddha leaf, an Asiatic leaf believed to be sacred and possess powers of enlightenment.

Noteworthy Products from Kalco

A customer favorite among Kalco light fixtures, the Tribecca Pendant underscores transitional living rooms and kitchens with its enticing wrought iron design and ambient light output.

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Kalco Lighting