IVV Lighting

The IVV Lighting Story

Founded in Tuscany in 1952, IVV Lighting (Industria Vetraria Valdarnese) is an Italian design brand built on expertise and excellence in the art of glassmaking. With a strong foothold in their Tuscan artisanal heritage, IVV lighting strives to keep traditional methods of glass production alive while staying relevant with evolving collections and styles.

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Now, over 60 years since their founding, IVV Lighting has established themselves as a premier maker of glass, earning a spot as one of Europe’s main producers. IVV Lighting emphasizes “transparency, brightness and sound” in all of their products, presenting a flawless range of glass lighting designs with a distinct handmade quality.

Why We Love IVV Lighting

IVV Lighting doesn’t feel the need to stray from the tradition associated with glassmaking. Certainly there is innovation with regards to technique and more contemporary-styled fixtures, but IVV Lighting takes great pride in their “revisited” designs that are inspired by more classical silhouettes.

A Fun Fact About IVV Lighting

“Valdarnese”—part of IVV Lighting’s name—is actually a chicken native to the Tuscan region of Italy. Its name comes from the Valdarno valley, which fittingly, is the location of San Giovanni Valdarno where IVV Lighting is located.

Noteworthy Products from IVV Lighting

Intricately patterned after the lotus flower, the IVV Lighting Loto Pendant is a bowl of pearly white glass. Additional etchings trace each petal, helping to fully diffuse the light once lit. The bowl is deep enough to hide the light sources from view, allowing even light to shine through and highlight the pattern of the shade.

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IVV Lighting