The Italesse Story

Italesse is an Italian glass producer that was originally founded in 1979 to address the lack of style and quality found in the glassware being used by beverage makers, hotels, restaurants and resorts. In 2007, Italesse took its experience producing bottles and glassware for professionals and started a line of modern glassware suitable for the home. They also expanded from glass into plastics, bringing that signature Italesse touch to the design of durable plastic stemware, tumblers and ice buckets for safe and glamorous indoor and outdoor use.

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Why We Love Italesse

Whether you have a restaurant or are just entertaining at home, Italesse glassware is designed to impress and improve your drinking and dining experiences. Italesse wine glasses, decanters, champagne flutes and so on are carefully mouth-blown or molded by experienced glass workers. The resulting glass is strong, elegant and comfortable to hold, and sparkles with the apparent confidence of its fine craftsmanship. The plastic vessels are just as thoughtfully made, and they have the added benefit of being unbreakable and scratch resistant.

A Fun Fact About Italesse

For decades, Italesse has created custom glassware, ice accessories and bottles for makers of high-end spirits worldwide. Just a few of Italesse's many famous clients include Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon, Absolut Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, San Pellegrino, Heineken and Johnnie Walker.

Noteworthy Products by Italesse

The Vinocchio Decanter is an elegant, modern and perfectly balanced piece for decanting and easily pouring wine. The piece's lengthy, pointed neck--and its name--were inspired by that classic Italian fairy tale character, Pinocchio.

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