The iSkelter Story

iSkelter began in 2012 as a short-term project for designer Nathan Mummert. While waiting for another project to launch, he started working on an iPhone dock made of bamboo. Living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mummert found a wood shop in nearby Tempe to help develop the dock. After several prototypes, the result was the Chisel iPhone 4 Dock: a slab of sustainable bamboo with cutouts to seamlessly frame the phone and its lightning cord. Since then, the iSkelter line has grown to accommodate all the latest iPhone and iPad technologies. So much for the short-term.

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Why We Love iSkelter

According to Mummert, "You can never have too many accessories for your gadgets, right? We're big fans of beautiful design mixed with great functionality. We love creating designs that make people smile." That's just what the Chisel docks do. Their designs are at once simple, elegant and super-functional, keeping the device safely in place (both vertically and horizontally) while also keeping the cord untangled. And you can present your iPhone or iPad in this cool, modern way while also being environmentally conscious, as all iSkelter docks and caddies are made out of 100% rapidly renewable bamboo.

A Fun Fact About iSkelter

Skelter is derived from the common term helter-skelter, which refers to disorder and confusion. This makes the iSkelter name somewhat ironic, as disorder and confusion is exactly what iSkelter products eliminate.

Noteworthy Products by iSkelter

While not a charging station, the Classic Station is a caddy that provides the convenient storage and organization of just about any smartphone, as well as keys, sunglasses, pens, etc.

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