Indoor Wall Lights & Sconces

Your bare wall's best friend. Indoor wall lights are the ideal fixtures for all you multi-taskers out there. In one fell swoop, they both dress up your bare walls and provide a variety of functional lighting effects. There are clean and simple modern wall sconces that will blend seamlessly into the background. Or you can find intricate, ultra-contemporary pieces that are every bit as artistic and eye-catching as a wall-hung painting, designed to attract attention to themselves as much as to the spaces they illuminate.

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Where Indoor Wall Sconces Work Best

Indoor wall sconces work anywhere 1) you need mid-level ambience to complete proper light layering in a room, or 2) floor space is at a premium. In regards to the former, indoor wall sconces work particularly well along with chandeliers or pendant lamps in dining rooms, or in living rooms when supplemented by portable floor lamps and table lamps. With the latter, wall sconces are also great for illuminating narrow hallways or stairwells.

Other Great Options

For a soft contemporary or transitional look in your space, look to the selection of interior sconces from Boyd Lighting. And if you love this selection of indoor wall sconces as much as we do, you'll want to have them outside as well -- check out the array of outdoor sconces, rated specifically for use in outdoor locations.

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