The ilomio Story

With products designed, fabricated, and assembled near Copenhagen, Denmark, designers Esko Schmidt-Sorensen and Peter Williamson have set ilomio in the heart of Scandinavian design territory. Their fixtures feature clean lines and simple shapes that put them at the forefront of design, and they put in years of research and development finding innovative ways to use LEDs and utilize their unique properties before releasing them to the public.

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They're also eco-conscious, using recycled materials that are lightweight to ensure they have a minimal impact on the environment that they illuminate.

Why We Love ilomio Lighting

Ilomio's dedication to the humble LED is inspirational. More than just retrofitting an LED bulb into an existing fixture, their products are designed around the nearly limitless potential LEDs offer for singularly wonderful lighting. In addition, bright colors and customization is the name of the game for ilomio. With up to 32 finishes and 34 cord colors available on many of their fixtures, it's virtually impossible to have a space they can't accommodate, and that's not even factoring in the multitude of moods you can set by changing the color of the light itself.

Fun Facts About ilomio

The Radius collection was inspired by the breathtaking cinematic work of Stanley Kubrik, while the Milkpail pendant's shade shares the same dimensions with the containers used by the dairy industry.

Noteworthy Products from ilomio

Most of the Radius collection is available with color changing LEDs that you can control with an app on your smartphone, and look to the Gateway Table Lamp for an upturned take on accent lighting.

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