Floor & Table Lamps

Portable lighting with great style--yours.

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Why We Love Floor & Table Lamps

There's something freeing about being able to move furniture around quickly and easily. It's the same with floor lamps and table lamps. Their mobility is a huge benefit when moving around or redecorating to express a newly discovered design scheme. They can immediately change the look of a room without having to rewire or punch a hole in the wall. Floor lamps are especially great when it comes to adding ambient lighting, and table lamps help immensely when it comes to reading or task work at the desk or couch.

Where They Work Best

Floor and table lamps work well in the living room, providing task and ambient lighting where ceiling lights and wall sconces might not spotlight a particular area, like near a couch or in a far corner. They’re also great for bedroom lighting, especially when two lamps are used on either side of the bed. Individual lighting control = one happy couple. Table lights are especially great for the office or den, providing adjustable task illumination so you don’t get a headache from eye strain.

Other Great Options

You’ll love torchiere floor lamps. They provide the best of both worlds--ambient lighting and adjustable task lighting--all in one fixture. Also check out all the energy efficient, LED floor lamps and LED table lamps, featuring modern thinking with timeless style. Take a look at the contemporary LED options from Pablo Lighting and Koncept Lighting.

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