Ceiling Fan Parts & Accessories

Not every ceiling fan automatically comes with everything you'll need to make its installation exactly perfect in your space. However, the wide variety of fan parts and accessories changes that. The downrods, light kits, interchangeable blades, fan remote controls and so on available here customize your ceiling fan to make it every bit as comfortable and convenient as it should be.

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Where Fan Parts & Accessories Go Best

In spaces with particularly tall ceilings, the selection of supplemental downrods allows ceiling fans to hang at a useful level, while sloped adapters keep those fans hanging straight from sloped ceilings. Wall or handheld remote controls make running a ceiling fan more convenient in any location. Wall controls like the Paddle Fan Speed Control from Legrand Adorne allow you to easily and conveniently control how fast your ceiling fan spins and some controls even include a handset for added convenience. Before you purchase ceiling fan wall controls or remotes, you will want to make sure your fan is compatible.

Other Great Options

It's probably because you have a fan that can use the accessories. But if you haven't gotten that far yet, be sure to check out the wide range of modern ceiling fans and outdoor ceiling fans to get things started.

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