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Choosing a Wall, Table or Floor Fan

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It's time to take a second look wall, table and floor fans. These days there are so many distinctive and functional options, both classic and contemporary.

Looking for a fan but don't have room for one on the ceiling? Just don't want to make the commitment? Consider a wall, table or floor fan. These fans offer an alternative to the conventional ceiling fan while still providing excellent air circulation throughout a room. But which one is right for your space?

The Wall Fan
Wall fans are typically around 20" high (with the odd exception) and can be tilted up or down depending on the directional need. They often oscillate. By placing a wall fan near an air vent you can increase the speed by which cool or warm air is being pushed out into you room. The wall fan is a great option for rooms that need air flow but may already have a ceiling light in place, or the space happens to be too small to accommodate a ceiling fan.

For a unique option, check out the Old Havana Wall Fan by Fanimation to add a Restoration look to the office or bedroom. If you want something more modern, the Melody Wall Fan by Atlas Fan Company is available in a Polished Chrome finish as well as Brushed Nickel and Bronze and can be used outside in protected, fully covered outdoor locations. Too bad the Melody doesn't actually play music, or the party would be complete!

The Table Fan
Table fans are great when a fan needs to stay mobile (for example in an apartment) or are used only once in a while when one wishes to circulate air throughout specific parts of a room. Like the wall-mounted fan, the table fan often features an oscillating, adjustable design but is typically smaller and won't circulate air throughout an entire space. For these last two reasons the table fan is often less expensive than a wall fan as well.


If your needs fall into these categories, consider the Fitzgerald Fan or Fargo Fan, both by Fanimation. These Restoration/Deco period fans are unique options when more than just function is desired. Their contemporary counterpart would be the Propello by Black and Blum, a minimalist fan with rubber blades that fits perfectly on the corner of a desk..

The Floor Fan
Keep that white plastic fan in the garage. Today there are a lot more options to choose from when it comes to floor fans, updated with refined distinction for today's living rooms, bedrooms and patios. Offering the same mobility as a table fan, the floor fan circulates air throughout a room better than its table fan siblings and can be enjoyed for its design as well as its function.

Take a look at the Arden Floor Fan by Fanimation, for example. Its Walnut tripod base and richly finished fan blades blend well with a number of decor styles and will be enjoyed whether on or off. For the outdoor patio, the Torrento Fan by Fanimation is wet rated and can replace an umbrella typically used in the center of a patio table, or use it alone with its included table accessory.


  • Old Havana Wall Fan by Fanimation

    The Fanimation Old Havana Wall Fan enhances comfort with refreshing air circulation in a design that whispers of old world charm. The Old Havana Wall Fan features three fan speeds and a cord that plugs into a wall outlet. It does not oscillate, and it is non-reversing.

  • Propello by Black + Blum

    This desktop fan has soft rubber blades which allows a guardless design. Combined with the highest quality motor, this makes "Propello" virtually silent. Propello will make you feel cool, even when it is turned off.

  • Arden Floor Fan by Fanimation

    Cool and composed with handsome Restoration appeal. An excellent size for living room and bedroom corners, the Fanimation Arden Floor Fan features a strong oscillating airflow that cools the entire room. Features a walnut wood tripod base and 3-speed rotary switch. An 8' power cord is included.