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Fan Buyer's Guide

Unique Ceiling Fans for Unique Spaces

To get the most out of a unique space, whether it's meant for utility or as a beautiful respite, consider these creative fan solutions when choosing a fan.

If a space is particularly small, like a closet or laundry room, or if it follows a particular theme, the following design ideas and options will allow a room to reach its full potential.


The Small Spaces
For rooms that are particularly small, such as walk-in closets, utility rooms or smaller home offices, consider purchasing a small ceiling fan with a 20" to 30" blade span. The Monte Carlo Micro 24 Ceiling Fan and Spacesaver Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire Fans are two chic options that allow for a bit of air circulation without overcrowding a space.


The Children's Room
Allow the ceiling fan to contribute to the personality of your little
one's room by considering children's ceiling fans like the Pinwheel
Ceiling Fan by Quorum
or anticipate their changing tastes by opting
for the changeable Ashlyn Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fans. The Ashlyn is
one of the fans from Hunter that is compatible with several fan blade
styles ranging from super cutesy to coolly contemporary. They are easy to
switch out with new Hunter blade sets as your child grows and tastes change.


Pinwheel Ceiling Fan by Quorum

  • Micro 24 Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo

    A petite fan that eagerly dispels warm and stagnant air in tiny rooms and small outdoor patio areas. The Micro 24 Fan features a heavy-duty motor that's rated for both indoor locations and covered outdoor locations.

  • Pinwheel Ceiling Fan by Quorum

    Fill up your room with a kaleidoscopic pattern of colors and perfect to fuel up your kid's imagination. The Pinwheel Fan features multi-color primary blades, Yellow finish and lifetime motor warranty.

  • Punkah Fan by Fanimation

    Create high-style, visual drama, employ a leisurely back-and-forth movement of the fan blades to relay the allure of a tropical paradise.

  • Candelier Ceiling Fan by Casablanca

    Showstopping drama with a romantic ring of faux candleglow. Provides refreshing air circulation with a centrally-located fan, and creates a ring of crisp and bright direct lighting.

Breezy Tropical Spaces
There's nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach watching the palm trees sway in the breeze. Since most
of us don't get to experience that luxury everyday, why not recreate that environment in a tropical-themed
room? Tropical ceiling fans can help define the relaxing scene by adding cool island character
and a relaxing cool breeze. That includes the beautiful Fanimation Punkah Fan--an
amazing, one-of-a-kind fan designed for large indoor spaces like expansive
living rooms, bedrooms or restaurant dining areas.


It's a Period Piece
For rooms that have that definite feeling of a time long past, period ceiling fans can be an asset. Often period rooms influenced by Restoration, Craftsman, Old World and Art Deco design have a warm, distinctive feel to them and can benefit greatly from a fan that both complements yet contrasts with that warmth. To keep a cozy period space from feeling too stuffy, a light breeze from a fan like the 19th Century Ceiling Fan by Casablanca Fans can help immensely. The gorgeous metalwork makes one feel like they just stepped out of a Charles Dickens novel, and the Mahogany finished fan blades go right along with that time period. The Candelier Ceiling Fan by Casablanca Fans is both lighting fixture and fan in one. While fire isn't the first thing we think of when the weather warms up, this fascinating fan keeps things cool and allows one to enjoy the ambience of candlelight no matter the season.