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Exclusively at Lumens

Exclusively at Lumens

We're always on the hunt for fresh designs in lighting, furniture and home accessories, and have partnered with designers and manufacturers to bring you some of the brightest new products on today's market—only available at Lumens.

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WAC Lighting

dweLED by WAC Lighting

Sleek and sexy aren't always the first things that come to mind when thinking of LED technology—unless you're talking about WAC Lighting. The New York-based company is dedicated to developing sustainable, efficient lighting in stunning, modern forms; they've surpassed this goal with their dweLED line. Clean and contemporary yet provocatively decorative, dweLED fixtures embody the WAC Lighting commitment to versatility and flawless construction that make this selection so attractive.


Pablo Designs

Swell Collection by Pablo

Pablo Pardo's industrial design background lends a freshness of form and innovation to his studio's creations. True to this aesthetic, the Swell collection offers smooth silhouettes and remarkable versatility: Interchangeable shades and a modular system allow the individual pieces to be connected to each other and powered by a single electrical source. Suitable for hanging indoors or out (under covered patios or porches), the Swell collection exemplifies Pablo's commitment to adaptable, streamlined and evolutionary design.


Boyd Lighting

Boyd Lighting

Family-owned Boyd Lighting has created heirloom-quality fixtures since its inception in San Francisco at the start of the Roaring '20s. Embracing the notion that decorative lighting enhances an overall architectural scheme, Boyd Lighting fixtures have evolved with a modern-day focus on energy efficiency, while retaining the same luxe quality and craftsmanship that made them desirable nearly 100 years ago.


Arkwright Ceiling Fan by Kichler

Arkwright Ceiling Fan by Kichler

As beautiful as they are functional, Kichler's ceiling fans come in an innovative array for interior and exterior applications. And the Arkwright Ceiling Fan is no exception: With slick, industrial-inspired lines and a clean silhouette, this tough-yet-pretty fan complements contemporary to modern warehouse-style aesthetics with tapering blades and high-impact finishes.


Hennepin Made

Hennepin Made

What do you get when you merge an eye for modern design, impeccable craft and good ol' fashioned Midwestern roots? The seriously covetable Parallel Series from Hennepin Made. These pendants showcase a complementary mix of spun aluminum and hand-blown glass that zeroes in on that sweet spot between contrast and harmony.


Niche Modern

Crystalline Series by Niche Modern

This new pendant collection from Niche introduces new silhouettes and a stunning array of colors to the brand’s already coveted collection. Each pendant is made by hand by Niche Modern’s team of artisans in Beacon, New York.

View Behind the Design: Niche Modern | SHOP NICHE MODERN

CSYS by Jake Dyson

CSYS by Jake Dyson

The son of high-profile inventor James Dyson—already a household name in vacuums and fans—Jake Dyson spent six years researching ways to improve the common desk lamp. The result is CSYS desk and floor lamps, which are built to last more than 37 years (thanks to advanced heat pipe technology packed inside), and to allow stable, droop free positioning of light wherever you need it.

View Behind the Design: CSYS by Jake Dyson | SHOP CSYS

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