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Exclusively at Lumens

Exclusively at Lumens

We're always on the hunt for fresh designs in lighting, furniture and home accessories, and have partnered with designers and manufacturers to bring you some of the brightest new products on today's market—only available at Lumens.

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Modern Forms

New 2016 Collection by Modern Forms

Future-forward, ingenious, conversational: These are just a few of the terms Modern Forms describes in their brand statement (it really is worth a look) and quite an accurate summation of the company's principles. The new 2016 collection touts the brand's ideals with fresh shapes and clean construction—and with signature LED efficiency and innovation. We're partial to the luxe, burnished finish on the Tango LED Pendant (pictured here) as well as sleek design explorations like the multi-dimensional Escher LED Wall Sconce.



Camur LED Linear Suspension by Cerno

Combining a modern aesthetic with energy-efficient LED design, Cerno stays true to its Southern California ideals that blend creativity with an environmental conscience. The Camur Linear LED Pendant demonstrates the studio's adept architectural construction techniques, and the slight curve in the fixture's profile ("camur" means curve in Latin) adds an organic element that falls in line with the company's relaxed vibe.



YOY LED Table Lamp by Innermost

Cheeky, clever and chic. Innermost makes the most their worldwide team of designers, coming up with novel ideas and bringing them to life with the quality and wit the world has come to expect from London's design culture. The YOY LED Table Lamp uses light to create its illusory silhouette, projecting the familiar form of a lampshade from its simple candleholder-shaped base. The surprising transformation is triumph of modern trompe l'oeil.


Intueri Light

Intueri Light

A collective dedicated to producing handcrafted, original designs, Hungarian studio Intueri Light aims to challenge the values of mass production. By creating individual hand-spun metal and blown glass components, the production and design process is stripped to its most basic elements. This lets Intueri Light artisans rely on pure design principles and intuition—an apt methodology considering the name of this young company stems from the Latin for "intuitive."



Crown Major & Crown Minor Chandeliers by Nemo

Nemo was established to recreate styles from the "Golden Age" of Italian lighting design, focusing on modernist fixtures. Their stunning and popular reinventions of old-world chandeliers—the Crown Major and Crown Minor chandeliers—hang in upscale resorts and fashionable homes all over the world. Exclusive to Lumens is their new Gold finish, which adds a sense of luxurious warmth to these strongly geometric fixtures.




For more than 60 years, SCE has brought high-quality lighting designs to the international stage, distinguishing their line with a complementary blend of skilled artistry and rigorous quality control. In their expansive facility just south of Toulouse, France, SCE oversees all aspects of production in-house, bringing each piece from concept to completion with total attention on every detail. SCE’s contemporary designs are practical, minimalist and chic, as described in the Typo series. The elegant combination of wood, metal and fabric is simply splendid, doing SCE’s Made-in-France label proud.




Based in the Czech Republic, Brokis creates modern glass art using traditional Bohemian glassmaking methods. World-renowned Czech and international designers realize their creative visions with award-winning results, continually adding innovation and intrigue to the Brokis portfolio. Expert glassblowing technique is required to produce the puffy glass cones that give the Muffin series their remarkably sleek and charming silhouettes. Natural oak bases ground the fixtures, and this exquisite contrast highlights the carefully chosen materials and skilled artistry upon which Brokis stakes its reputation.




Luxxbox, founded by Australian designer Jason Bird, follows the tenets of Bird’s personal career in remaining committed to ingenuity and social responsibility. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Luxxbox established a studio in Northern California to reduce shipping impact from Australia. Their Helm Pendant showcases Bird's penchant for uncommon materials, using electroplated spun copper to create the shade. In the Flirt Pendant, a cheeky peek of polycarbonate diffuser peeps out the top of the two-part shade, highlighting its lighthearted yet deliberate design.


Iacoli and McAllister

Iacoli & McAllister

The carefully constructed designs by Seattle's Iacoli & McAllister reflect a mindful balance between positive and negative space, scale and proportion. While continually exploring new materials, the design duo also discovers new processes—like welding, laser-cutting and etching—that keep their creations fresh and ahead of the curve.


Boyd Lighting

Boyd Lighting

Family-owned Boyd Lighting has created heirloom-quality fixtures since its inception in San Francisco at the start of the Roaring '20s. Embracing the notion that decorative lighting enhances an overall architectural scheme, Boyd Lighting fixtures have evolved with a modern-day focus on energy efficiency, while retaining the same luxe quality and craftsmanship that made them desirable nearly 100 years ago.

View Behind the Design: Boyd Lighting | SHOP BOYD LIGHTING

Niche Modern

Axia Pendant by Niche Modern

Niche Modern's Axia Pendant introduces to the brand’s already coveted collection a shapely new silhouette in a stunning array of colors. Clean and sexy, Axia does not stray from the principle of elegant simplicity that the design house was founded on. Each pendant is made by hand by Niche Modern’s team of artisans in Beacon, New York.

View Behind the Design: Niche Modern | SHOP NICHE MODERN