The en&is Story

"en" is Enrico Bosa, a product and interior designer based in Milan. "is" is his partner, Isabella Lovero, a product and jewelry designer. They officially became en&is in 2007 after already working together for several years on numerous home furnishing, fashion accessory and interior design projects. In adddition to simply working well together, Bosa and Lovero share a common goal, to "create poetic objects that say something to those who observe them, to create a little magic with their designs so as to make every room, place, or environment an enjoyable place to be."

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Why We Love en&is

en&is design a range of products, from dinnerware to notebooks. But they are best known currently for their tech-related designs. Their electronic accessories bring a sense of artistry and romance to the world of technology. Many electronic devices can be harsh-looking and complex. en&is designs are elegant and easy to use, making the same electronic devices feel more accessible and more aesthetically pleasing when they're used together.

A Fun Fact About en&is

In addition to making accessories for electronic devices, en&is have ventured into the design of the devices themselves. This includes a sleek, high-def flatscreen display for the Vimar By-Me home automation system (not available in the U.S.) and the forthcoming Samsung Storyteller, a device that will track your various travels (via an integral GPS) and synchronize all your media and turn them all into a single "digital diary." Everything will be combined together into a single timeline and map.

Noteworthy Products From en&is

The Megaphone is a low-tech passive amplifier designed to make the most of your iPhone or iPod's speakers. It is also a highly sculptural objet d'art, with a fluid shape formed out of ceramic. The original large version comes with a walnut stand, while the petite Megaphonemini sits upright with an integral ceramic stand.

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