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Sept 2011 Room Layout Loft LED Lighting Collection by Hinkley Lighting Chelsea Stripe Rug by DwellStudio Pi Side Table by Blu Dot Draper Stripe Throw by DwellStudio Dotted Trellis Long Pillow by DwellStudio Goetz Sofa by Herman Miller Model One Radio by Tivoli Audio Baby Citrus Basket by Alessi BIRD by Architectmade
Loft LED Lighting Collection
Loft LED Lighting Collection by Fredrick Raymond

Handmade from a distinctive grain of maple, walnut or cherry wood, no two pendants in the Loft LED collection are alike. The varied grain is smooth and richly toned when turned off, and especially beautiful when illuminated from within by the energy-efficient LED. Clean, broad curves showcase the natural flow of the wood grain. Designer Joel Tomlinson sought to create a design that physically translated the many benefits of LED technology—modern, durable, long-lasting and environmentally conscious.

Chelsea Stripe Rug by DwellStudio

Earthy tones pair perfectly with DwellStudio’s lively, distinctive patterns that seamlessly bring together a room. Graphic but simple, the Chelsea Stripe Rug also feels comfy and soft underfoot, made from a wool/cotton blend.

Chelsea Stripe Rug
Pi Side Table by Blu Dot

A slice of sweet design. Not just for math nerds, the Pi Side Table combines contemporary design with nature’s best, with solid walnut legs and a powder-coated steel top.

Pi Side Table
Goetz Sofa by Herman Miller

Designer Mark Goetz turned the traditional sofa inside out with the Goetz Sofa, using a molded wood veneer shell on the outside. The look created a strong, structural frame and dramatic profile with crisp, clean lines—only one seam exists on the entire wood shell. But as Herman Miller knows well, good design doesn’t stop with aesthetics. Comfort was put on the forefront, with Goetz conducting his own research to ensure this sofa was comfy cozy no matter what position you were in.

Lumens offers the entire Herman Miller furniture line. For product details or to place an order, call our product specialists at 877.445.4486.

Herman Miller
BIRD by Architectmade
BIRD by Architectmade

These expressive avian friends are one of the most popular Danish wooden products from the 1950s, designed by Kristian Vedel in 1959. Each bird is handmade by a small wood turner in Denmark, using only high-quality smoked and natural oak wood. With heads that can tilt in any direction, these birds express every frame of mind, from happy to sad, curious to alert.

Draper Stripe Throw by DwellStudio

A crisp, modern stripe is one can’t-go-wrong way to add a graphic element to a space. DwellStudio’s Draper Stripe Throw has a clean, contrasting pattern and is made of 95% baby alpaca, making it super soft, lighter than air, and perfect for everything from a bed topper to having on hand in a cozy reading nook.

Draper Stripe Throw

The interwoven structure of a garden trellis inspired this precise pattern. A geometric series of overlapping lines and continuous dots provide a graphic pop on the solid colored fabric.It's filled with a cushy down insert, which means battling between admiring its beauty and cuddling up for a nap.

Dotted Trellis Long Pillow
Model One Radio by Tivoli Audio
Model One Radio by Tivoli Audio

This Henry Kloss design is form and function at its finest: compact, simple design matched with high-performing sound. With just three knobs, it defies today’s electronics in its minimalism. But what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in sound, having been called the best-sounding table radio ever made.

Baby Citrus Basket by Alessi

Who you callin’ baby? This porcelain vessel from Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas holds more than its name implies. Each opening is carved out by hand, allowing a contrasting pop of color to shine from inside.

Baby Citrus Basket