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Dwell April 2012 Atelier Chandelier by Sonneman Pirkka Table by Artek Knowledge in the Brain Bookends by Menu A Tempo Waste Basket by Alessi Thayla Chair by Kartell Cronotime Clock by Alessi Crevasse Flower Vase by Alessi Gate Rug by DwellStudio
Atelier Chandelier

At once bold, sleek and seductively modern. Available exclusively at Lumens, the Atelier Chandelier lets the owner take charge, with the ability to adjust the configuration of each exposed light—up, down, and pointed any which way. Each of the six or eight arms swivels around the main stem, with a stabilizing bar at the bottom to hold it steady.

Pirkka Table by Artek

First introduced in 1955 by Finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara, who wanted to bring functional furniture to the wider public. Now part of the Artek portfolio, his minimalist collection from soft pine and solid birch wood maintains the timeless heritage of Finnish design. The Pirkka Table merges classic, casual design with contemporary aesthetics, making it ideal for the modern home.

Pirka Table

Designed by Pernille Vea and inspired by the shape of a perfect rose. The Galerie Vase 2 in 1 gives the owner freedom to design and change the look on their own.

Knowledge in the Brain Bookends by Menu

With modern, clean lines and a minimal footprint on a space, A Tempo could give new meaning to the waste basket. The A Tempo collection began with a desire to work with simple metal wire, an elementary material rarely considered for domestic use. Designed by contemporary artist Pauline Deltour to play in a crescendo of rhythm, movement, length, and density, using the wire as a graphic element.

A Tempo Waste Basket
Thayla Chair by Kartell

Creating seemingly simple designs with big impact is one of the things Kartell does best. The feminine form of the Thayla Chair is topped off by a delicate criss-cross pattern around the back of the seat and backrest. Created by French designer Patrick Jouin, who has contributed more than 46,000 designs to the urban landscape in Paris, from architecture, to furniture, to handicraft.

Thayla Chair by Kartell
Cronotime Clock by Alessi

Tick tock, ya don’t stop! Designer Pio Manzu’s Cronotime Clock is a reintroduction of the original from 1966. This tiny timepiece stands just 3.25 inches tall, taking up little real estate on a table or desk. The Chronotime clock is named after the mythological incorporeal Greek god Chronos, who is the personification of time.

Cronotime Clock
Crevasse Flower Vase

The architectural appeal of the Crevasse Flower Vase earned it a seat at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s actually two vases in one, cut from a single block and scored diagonally to create warped, invertered surfaces. The two pieces can stand alone or be playfully connected together. Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, 2004 winner of the highly regarded Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Gate Rug by DwellStudio

The designs in DwellStudio’s collection of textiles can bring together a room, and the Gate pattern is one that does it flawlessly and naturally. An understated pattern inspired by the architectural details of a classic gate, the Gate Rug provides graphic décor for the floor, not to mention it’s soft underfoot, made from a wool/cotton blend.

Gate Rug by DwellStudio