Directional Spotlights

Adjustable and directional ceiling spotlights bend over backward (literally) to direct light wherever you might need it. The directionality of these ceiling lights means that you can illuminate numerous points in a room with just one light fixture. This you can do with an individual monopoint, a configuration of multiple ceiling spotlights arranged along a monorail or pre-configured into flushmounted rails or clusters.

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Apart from all these mounting options, adjustable spotlights also come in a wide range of decorative options, from stunning hand blown art glass to streamlined and speedy-looking metal.

Where Adjustable Spotlights Work Best

Spot lights can bring out the character of any room by providing accent lighting in ways you cannot achieve with a chandelier, flush ceiling light or pendant light. In the kitchen, directional lights highlight specific task areas like kitchen counters and cooking spaces, ensuring you have ample illumination for any task. Adjustable ceiling lights are also a great option in the hallway or living room, highlighting pieces of art or providing accenting light over the living room's entertainment center. You may also enjoy an adjustable spot light in the office, where focused lighting over a work desk or conference table is often necessary. And if you have a large ceiling in the bathroom, consider pairing a directional ceiling light fixture with existing wall sconces or bath bars to round out your lighting scheme.

An adjustable spotlight is the ideal choice for commercial locations too. In restaurants, hotels and retail stores, you'll find a ceiling spot light helpful in directing light and offering an unexpected decorative element that patrons of your business will love.

Directional Spotlights for Every Style

Directional ceiling lights are available in a variety of styles to fit in with any type of interior design, ranging from clean and contemporary fixtures to styles that are suited to rooms with traditional decor. And you'll find spot lighting available in many finishes including brass, bronze, nickel, steel and chrome. In modern kitchens and living rooms, you will love the contemporary directional lights in the collections from Tech Lighting and Kichler. For a vibrant spot light that stands out in any room, look to the number of colorful options from Bruck Lighting Systems and to achieve energy efficiency in your home, check out the selection of LED spot lights. Both long-lasting and eco-friendly, LED directional lights provide bright accenting light to any room of your home.

How To Choose the Best Directional Spotlight

This assortment of adjustable light fixtures are offered in sizes to accommodate multiple spaces, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Here you will find single spot lights, 2-light, 3-light, 4-light, 5-light and even 6-light configurations. Depending on where you plan to install directional ceiling lighting, you will need to choose a size that best fits in with your existing lighting and decor. Be sure to properly measure your ceiling and review the dimensions of a fixture to thoroughly understand its height, width, weight and mounting options. If you have any questions about the sizes and configurations of adjustable ceiling lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Many of the ceiling mounted spotlights featured here can also be mounted to the wall. Wall spotlights provide adjustable and directional display and task lighting in rooms where a ceiling fixture may not be an option. And if you love the ability to adjust your overhead lighting from these directional heads, you may like putting multiple spotlights together with track lighting. Finally, as an alternative to focused lighting from a ceiling spotlight or track light system, consider using recessed lighting.

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