Deck Lighting & Outdoor Step Lights

Deck and patio lighting makes a backyard more appealing while improving outdoor safety. Related to landscape lighting, deck lighting also highlights attractive architectural aspects of a home and easily blends with established decor thanks to the range of looks available. There are many LED deck lighting options as well, so having to change out bulbs in hard-to-reach places isn't really an issue.

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Where Deck & Step Lights Work Best

Outdoor lighting, specifically deck and patio lighting, is especially helpful when installed by stairs, handrails, and around gazebos and outdoor living areas to establish atmosphere and provide safety when these areas are being used. Pillar lights help define patio perimeters and can mount directly onto brick and wood columns. Remember, downlights provide safety while uplights provide drama. Our selection of contemporary deck lights from Kichler Lighting and Hinkley Lighting offer you great ways to easily and quickly improve your outdoor living space.

Other Great Options

Landscape lights are great companions to deck lighting, showcasing trees, shrubs and pathways along the exterior of the home. Try adding path lights and outdoor spotlights to complement your deck lighting. And if you like this look of step lights, you'll also want to check out the selection of indoor step lights for installation along stairs or baseboards in your home.

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