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Defective Goods

Please keep in mind that Defective Goods - those with factory defects, missing parts or other problems originating prior to shipment - are handled differently than Damaged Goods (items that have been damaged by the carrier while in transit) which are discussed in the section below.

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure that quality production and inspection procedures are in place, but still, sometimes defects do occur. We will work with you to get things fixed as quickly as possible but your help is needed to accomplish this goal.

Report Defects Immediately

We ask that you report any product defects within 30 days of you receiving your order. If you report issues after 30 days, Lumens will make every attempt to replace your product, however charges may apply.

Replacement requests always receive priority handling at Lumens. We realize the delays they can cause. Unfortunately, product lead times may apply for customized or made-to-order items and in some cases back ordered replacement items or parts are unavoidable.

Replacements Are Sent Free of Charge

We will always cover any return shipping costs and the shipping of the replacement product. We will send you return instructions accordingly. Please help us by not discarding the defective product until you receive instructions from Lumens. Failure to return the defective product or failure to send pictures when we ask for them may result in delays and there may be a charge for the replacement item and we would all like to avoid this.

Avoid Unnecessary Delays and Costs by Troubleshooting

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a replacement, only to discover that the problem was not properly diagnosed. Help us eliminate installation issues and other non-fixture variables before ordering a replacement. Please be patient with our tech support team and with any manufacturer representatives who ask to work with you to accurately diagnose the problem, and please understand that returned items that are found to be in working condition may not be eligible for a refund or may be subject to a restocking fee.

We ask you to please understand that Lumens is not responsible for reimbursement of any labor costs or project delays that may occur due to the receipt of defective goods.