Clocks, Radios & Speakers

Radios are classic pieces of history. They represent technological advancement and freedom of speech. The music that radios play is unpredictable and will never fit into our preconceived set list, which give them a certain power we gravitate toward. Clocks are also a classic piece of design history and you'll find many available here, from well known names like Diamantini & Domeniconi, George Nelson and Italy's Progetti.

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Where Clocks, Radios & Wireless Speakers Work Best

Today's radio designs, like those by Henry Kloss for Tivoli Audio, revert back to the look of the first radios on the market. These retro radios stick with muted colors and distinctive plastic and wood parts. But that doesn't mean modern radios don't have their place, offering advanced features like mp3 file compatibility and incorporated CD players. There's always room for a radio, and when you're working in the kitchen, garage or office, it's nice to have some tunes on in the background to help the time pass. You will also find a great selection of portable and stylish wireless speakers, allowing you to take your tunes on the go. Consider picking up a colorful portable speaker from Libratone or really project your favorite music with an iPhone Megaphone from designers Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero.

Many of the contemporary clocks in this selection mount to the wall and will go perfect in the kitchen or dining room. Try adding an iconic mid-century modern George Nelson clock from Vitra or a fun design from Progetti to really add decoration to your wall.

If you have any questions about the clocks, vintage radios and speakers featured in this assortment, please call our decor experts at 888.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Further celebrate classic inventions with fun personal accessories like watches and jewelry. Styles range from the clean look of the 1950s to today's more colorful contemporary pieces. And if you love that mid-century look of the 1950s, be sure to check out the complete mid-century modern assortment of lighting, furniture and home furnishings -- you'll be surprised how quickly you can transform your space into a retro-filled room.

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