Clamp Lights & Shelf Lighting

Anywhere you have a flat surface--tabletops, work benches, shelves--you can have light. The small bases of clamp lights hold them securely in place, taking up a minimum of valuable work space in the process. This is also true of the lamp itself, which extends out only when you need it, back when you don't.

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Clamp-on lights are also ideal examples of contemporary lighting design. They are compact, flexible and utilize the latest task lighting technology (especially long-lived LED clamp lights) blending in seamlessly with modern decor.

Where Clamp Lamps & Shelf Lights Work Best

Create a cozy reading area by attaching a clamp light to your bookcase or to the headboard above your bed. The Tolomeo Clip Spot or the Pablo Clamp Lamp are the perfect options for a clamp light in a small, compact space. The same compact functionality of shelf lighting is also useful under other space-restricted conditions in an office or other similar work space. And if it is under shelf lighting you need in a larger work space, you will want to take a look at the selection of available options from WAC Lighting and Legrand Adorne. Both WAC and the Adorne collection create lighting options for properly illuminating tight spaces.

Other Great Options

If you find yourself in compact areas, check out the floor space-saving convenience provided by wall mounted reading lights and swing arm wall lights. You can also find similar lighting versatility in the line of available floor reading lamps and adjustable desk lamps. Whether you are in a small space or a large space, you will be able to find the lamp that works best for you.

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