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Bedding and Textiles

Modern Bedding & Textiles

Fabric fashion for feel-good furnishings.

Why We Love Bedding & Textiles

It's so much fun to literally toss contemporary style into the mix with great bedding and textiles. Personality pops from every corner of the room, here with a designer pillow, there with a flash of color from a modern placemat. There are so many ways textiles can shape and spice up a home. And since we take pride in dressing ourselves, why not take pride in how we dress our homes as well?

Where Bedding & Textiles Work Best

Durable fabrics and quality textiles are most beneficial in heavily used areas. Kitchens benefit from the strength and easy cleaning of Chilewich vinyl placemats and table runners while bedrooms and living rooms are enhanced by the soft, tight weave of quality contemporary throws and pillows. Bathrooms, too, get a soft touch from modern robes and floor mats, not to mention the ever-present towels that put a finishing touch on bathroom decorating.

Other Great Options

If you love this selection of contemporary bedding and textiles, you are sure to enjoy the personal touch that home decor accessories give the home. You will also want to see our selection of contemporary rugs to pair with your new bedding and textiles. And if you haven't done so already, you will want to check out the selection of beds from Gus Modern and Blu Dot, as well as the full selection of modern bedroom furniture to properly furnish the space.

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