Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Recessed light fixtures in the bathroom add to the overall decor of the space and pair well with existing sconces and light bars to ensure you have plenty of light output. Unlike sconces or light from an exhaust fan, recessed fixtures mount in the ceiling, adding a functional element to the bathroom without taking up a lot of space. If your bathroom could benefit from the addition of recessed ceiling lights, take a look at the options below.

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Why We Love Recessed Lighting in the Bathroom

Recessed and can lights benefit rooms with a limited amount of ceiling space by mounting inside of the ceiling while providing ample downlighting from a halogen or LED light source. In modern bathrooms, recessed lighting is used to complement a bath bar or pair of bathroom wall sconces and can also be installed as overhead shower lighting. Recessed shower fixtures and shower trims are damp and wet rated, making them safe for use in locations where water is bound to be present. The design of recessed bathroom trims ranges from contemporary options by WAC Lighting to functional styles by Juno Lighting with a number of trim sizes available to fit your room.

Before you purchase new bathroom recessed lighting fixtures, it is important to determine the housing type required. Recessed housings are either available for remodeled homes or new construction homes and you will need to verify which one is right for your bathroom. For any questions, consult with an electrician or call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Recessed lighting is a popular option in other rooms of the house too. Be sure to view the complete recessed ceiling lights category for additional trims and housings for your home. And if you can't quite find the fixture you want here, look to the full vanity lighting category for more ways to add decorative touch of light to your bathroom.

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