Ambient Floor Lamps

There's a certain coziness that comes with ambient floor lamps. The edges and textures are softer than torchieres (even the ones with contemporary designs), the materials are often more natural, and the light is generally warm. They're portable and offer a welcoming personality to spaces. Available in many styles, floor lamps are also offered with different bases--from traditional to tripod--as well as various shade shapes.

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Where Ambient Floor Lamps Work Best

A social center for congregating, the living room should have warm, all-over lighting and will benefit from ambient floor lamps. Add a floor lamp to the large foyer or entryway area for dramatic contemporary lighting and create structure in a bedroom with the fun shapes these ambient floor lights take. Since they're portable, it's easy to move them around furniture or from place to place should the redecorating bug strike. Whether in the corner of the room or directly placed where they will be highly visible, these ambient lights are sure to draw attention.

Other Great Options

Make a statement in your living room or bedroom with the Lounge Gun Floor Lamp by Flos. This provocative floor lamp resembles and M-16, finished in gold or chrome to symbolize the relationship between money and war. Table lamps and desk lamps offer similar portability and visual warmth for practically any room. And if you are looking for a helpful reading light, be sure to see the selection of floor reading lamps.

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