Alternating Current

The Alternating Current Story

In the early 2000s, Ron Henderson noticed an incredible lack of sustainability in the lighting world. So he established Varaluz in 2006 to focused exclusively on designing beautiful and creative recycled lighting.

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Then, a few years later Henderson saw another lighting niche in need of filling: Fixtures that both meet continually changing trends and satisfy the budget-conscious lover of modern designer lighting. So Alternating Current by Varaluz was established in 2012 to, as they put it, "flex our design muscles with fresh, fast-paced designs."

Why We Love Alternating Current

With its accessible styles and pricepoints, Alternating Current is able to bring all the characteristic creativity and workmanship behind Varaluz lighting to a much broader audience. And the company certainly lives up to its goal of interpreting trends and quickly coming up with a range of modern lighting to meet these trends. That being said, Alternating Current lighting is by no means cookie cutter. Their fixtures range from sleek and sophisticated to modern and delightfully whimsical.

A Fun Fact About Alternating Current

The most obvious source of the name comes from the term for reversible electrical current: Alternating current (aka AC). However, it is also a play on words, referring to the company's ability to adapt and always stay current on changing lighting trends.

Noteworthy Lighting From Alternating Current

The Brilliance collection is a re-release of an original Varaluz design. It features wavy-patterned curves of crystalline Bright Ice glass, which create--you guessed it--brilliant waves of light.

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Alternating Current