Secto Design

The Secto Design Story

Strip away the pomp and flash to reveal the heart of a piece and you have Secto Design. Simple yet thoughtful in its uncomplicated nature, the distinctive Scandinavian lampshade design that defines Secto is the brain child of Finnish architect and owner, Seppo Koho.

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Koho fuses architectural structure with creative hands-on workmanship to not only build, but craft eco-friendly PEFC Certified birch and paper pendants, sconces and table lamps. Based out of Helsinki since 1995, Secto is available to the North American market exclusively through Global Lighting, which also offers Forestier, Blux and Taller Uno.

Why We Love Secto Design Lighting

It's easy for the senses to become overwhelmed and stressed by the chaos and noise of everyday life. It's equally as easy to lose that stress by flipping on a switch to a Secto Design piece. The pared down Scandinavian design look speaks to the value of simplicity without neglecting craft and structure, relieving the senses without ignoring them. Designer Seppo Koho wishes to "softly invite people to come closer," and his fixtures do just that. They gently and unabashedly reveal nature's purest essence, each rib hand-joined by Finnish craftsmen who have a common eye for the "less is more" philosophy.

A Fun Fact About Secto Design

As part of their ongoing sensitivity to the environment, Secto Design uses the leftover sawdust from projects to create pallets that will then be used as firewood to heat houses, and the unusable parts in production are given to schools to be used as hobby material.

Noteworthy Lighting by Secto Design

While all the pendants hide the fixture's bulb, the Octo Pendant seems to take on the role of the bulb itself. The flowing shape, rounded like a bulb, allows light to travel down each rib to create a glowing globe of illumination. Lovely to look at whether on or off.

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Secto Design